Discover the North of Tasmania with John from Discover Tasmania Tours


Discover Tasmania Tours is offering a 15% discount on any advertised day tour whilst staying at this amazing retreat.  This offer includes transfers to and from your accommodation and the Launceston airport and extra day touring and accommodation packages available on request.


Touring and suggested routes:

  • Discover Tasmania Tours caters for private small groups providing individual attention and consideration to personal needs

  • The vehicle is a 4 wheel drive Mitsubishi Challenger that is air-conditioned for passenger comfort

  • There are a number of full day tours options to choose from

  • Choice of some full day tours or you can design your own itinerary

  • Some attractions may charge an entry fee and these costs are excluded from the package

  • National park entry fees are included

  • Contact   0447 673 459


Tamar Valley Vineyards

The Tamar Valley is the oldest wine region within Tasmania and many of the vineyards operate a cellar door where you can taste and purchase selected wines.  Don’t be surprised to find some great and award winning Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties available to delight your tastebuds.  Tasmania’s wine growing regions are said to be similar to the climates of some well know European regions showcasing cool climate varieties.  Be surprised, pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and wealth of knowledge held by the winemakers and their staff.  


The Great Western Tiers  

The Great Western Tiers are always changing and form a backdrop to some of Tasmania’s most beautiful towns.  Here you can find internationally known chocolates, raspberries and cheeses along with city and landscape murals along with creative street sculptures. 


Limestone Caves  

Mole Creek Karst National Park and includes some of Tasmania’s most visited cave systems, including Marakoopa and King Solomons Cave, two of over 300 known caves and sinkholes in the area. 

Marakoopa Cave features two underground streams, a large display of glow-worms, large caverns, rim pools, reflections and shawl and flowstone features. 

King Solomon’s Cave is a richly decorated limestone cave and is a compact cave system with elaborate geological formations, including stunning calcite crystals known as King Solomon’s Diamonds.  The Cave has high scientific and conservation significance and is home to a number of threatened plant and animal species.  Moderate fitness is needed for any cave tour which includes some stair climbing.  


Lavender Farm  

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a famous landmark property and a stunning showcase for the agricultural and technical excellence that made Bridestowe a benchmark for fine lavender oil throughout the world.  The estate is spectacular at any time of year, with vistas spanning over 260 acres of lavender fields, landscaped gardens and native forest to the distant Mount Arthur.  Energetic guests can feel free to walk around the grounds or relax in the cafe. 


Colonial Estates and Antiques  

Tasmania tells a thousand stories of convicts, farmers, bushrangers, writers and painters.  Land cleared by Aboriginal people then settled by European farmers today features Georgian villages and gracious homesteads.  There’s a great incentive to stop and wander their quiet streets at your own pace, browsing among arts, crafts and antiques, savouring the aroma of freshly baked country bread and the sounds of rural life.  There are a number of stately homes once owned by the landed gentry, beautifully preserved and now open to the public.  It was in the 19th century that penal settlements supported by the labour, produce and enterprise of free settlers that allowed these communities to develop and endure over time. 


Bay of Fires (St Helens)

St Helens is the gateway to Binnalong Bay and the Bay of Fires which, in 2009, won the Lonely Planets’ Blues List travel destination.  Great ocean beaches and safe swimming sea pools make it a great destination for summer swimming and walking in any season.  It is a region filled with orange lichen covered granite rocks and pristine white beaches and abundant bird life. 


Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is one of the most exciting wilderness areas in the world and listed as a World Heritage area.  Dove Lake rests peacefully at the foot of the mountain and hosts a wonderful walking track suitable for all ages and levels of fitness around the perimeter of the lake that takes around 2 hours to circumnavigate.  This is the starting place for the Overland Track where you can walk for some 65 kilometres before reaching Lake St Claire, the deepest freshwater lake in Australia.


Wine Glass Bay (Coles Bay)

Coles Bay is the gateway to the Freycinet National Park where you can find Wineglass Bay, a magnificent crescent shaped bay with fine white beach sand that squeaks as you walk on it.  There is a magnificent lookout over the bay that requires a moderate level of fitness and takes around 2 hours to the top and back to the car park.  There is plenty of fresh seafood to match some of the East Coast’s fine white wines available. 


Hydro Electric Power Stations

Come and explore Launceston’s Trevallyn hydro electric power station and see what’s around the corner at the historical Duck Reach power station museum and visit the Waddamana power station museum in the central highlands down near the Great Lake.